All things are One. There is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity.
All is One, and that one is love/light, light/love, The One Infinite Creator...

~Ra, humble messenger of the Law of One~

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sep 17, Message from Mike Q...

As always, use discernment...

As you must imagine many events are lining up that will bring you freedom, they will follow in a sequence that will make good sense and quickly open up the path to Ascension. Looking back you will find that our projections of when to expect developments, have been quite accurate. At the time you often do not know what to look for, and it is only later that you can see how certain events are linked together. You are well aware that when you look for results events appear to have moved slowly, yet it takes many pieces to complete the jigsaw.

Right now, we approach the well deserved victory that will see the first of many major changes. We are well ready as ever, having rehearsed for this time with meticulous planning. We know about the personal hardships many of you are suffering, but please realize that it will not be for much longer. We can assure you that we have the answers to your worldwide problems. Not only that, we also have the technologies and personnel to carry them out.

We wish to quickly transform your society’s ability to cater for your needs, so that in a relatively short time no one need go short food or water. There are priorities that we will address immediately, so as to lift up the deprived people of the poorer countries. The major ones have a great responsibility to others, and by the time their help is needed they will be under new leadership. The old brigade can hardly be trusted with the future of you all, and they will be kept out of positions of power. Law and order will also be reviewed to ensure it operates in a fair and just manner. We know by name all of those people who have been falsely imprisoned, and they shall be promptly released. Those guilty of crimes will be treated more humanely, and with advanced techniques that will remove such tendencies. From this you will realize that we have given much thought and planning to the upliftment of Man. All shall share in the new wealth which is to be created, and at a stroke it will remove many of the problems that beset you.

We want you to understand how much will done for you as part of the general upliftment. When the changes are well advanced, your reliance upon the old forms of energy will have been removed. No more shall you be restricted and live only on what you can afford, and free energy will supply all of your needs to give you comfort and warmth when required. We are talking about creating a new civilization that will be ready to take a quantum leap into the future. You are indeed privileged to be on Earth at this time, and to be part of such experiences. Many souls would gladly exchange positions with you, to see the end of duality and experience the joys that are yet to come.

There is a great of deal of knowledge to pass on to you, and we shall enhance your ability to absorb it much more quickly. Eventually you will have a perfect memory, but that will come with your upliftment into the higher dimensions. The possibilities of increasing your memory now, are relative to the degree to which you lift up your levels of consciousness. You will find that you grow in awareness, and psychic abilities will become quite commonplace. Telepathy will eventually be adopted, and there will be no need for the spoken word. That is in fact our position now, and with it also comes the ability to read minds. It is not however used as a means to be intrusive, and every soul is allowed to decide who they allow to access to their thoughts.

There will be opposition to our coming, but more than anything that will be rooted in the fear of the unknown. However, we will be doing all we can to allay those fears, and feel quite sure that we can satisfy people that we come in peace and for your benefit. We will also overcome any suspicion that we have some ulterior motive in mind, and our intent and actions will be quite open. Much of our work on Earth will be coordinated with your new government representatives, and as we have mentioned previously, the media will be used to follow our activities. It will not take long before it becomes clearly apparent that we come to restore your Earth, and return you to the status of sovereign citizens.

As quick as we move ahead we must ask for patience where your individual problems are concerned, as we are initially working to a plan to relieve the conditions that are more widespread. We have not promised you more than we can deliver, and the size of the task does not in the slightest way daunt us. While attention is being given to your requirements on Earth, a massive operation will be taking place out in space. It will involve the cleansing of your atmosphere from pollution, and the removal of what you would call space junk remaining from various experiments that have been carried out. Also from above we can closely monitor changes in and on the Earth, and we will advise you when any form of danger is a threat to you.

One most noticeable change will be the freedom accorded to your journalists and television news stations, and when you are given information it will be truthful. Hitherto your media has been so controlled that you have been fed exactly what the Illuminati wish you to believe, and the news has been deliberately fabricated for their own purposes. Truth has been a rare commodity over many years, and your politicians have only themselves to blame for your lack of trust in them. With the new governments that will all change, and it will not take long to convince you that a new and trusted breed of politician has arrived.

They will serve the people first and last, and honesty will replace the corrupt practices that have become rampant. Generally speaking the fall of your civilization has come about, because of the low vibrations on Earth that have attracted such souls of a similar vibration. Conversely, when the vibrations lift up it will open the way for higher beings to come to you.

Man may make his own laws, but the Universal Laws are supreme and are immutable. They are based on love, justice and sharing so that each civilization respects the sovereignty of others. In the near future your civilization will reach such levels, and Ascension is an important step along the way. We are leading you in to the Love and Light that will forever change your life.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update by Sheldan Nidle

Another telepathic message, please use your discernment..

Selamat Balik! We return in the midst of great negotiations that are preparing to bring your world to the point of transformation. The dark cabal has forged its own demise with its relentless greed and hubris. The next financial collapse is approaching unabated, and shows up clearly on the dark's radar screens. All those in the know financially are deeply concerned about the global economy, but their expressions of misgiving merely touch the surface of what lies ahead. The dark cabalists' desire to save their own skins from their fiscal irresponsibility has been dashed by the inescapable fact of their deeply flawed financial constructs.

The present monetary and economic system is riddled with fault lines that are now coming apart and a radical fix is the only way forward. Our Earth allies have positioned themselves in such a way that the only way for this fix to manifest is by means of the proposals they first introduced nearly a decade ago. A majority of those in the financial world understand this clearly and very much want to get on with it. An immense force for change is building around the dark's minions.

The switch to a new system of finance necessitates a commensurate change in who controls government. Over the millennia, the dark cabal's rule has been unchallenged; the obstacles now springing up around them are unprecedented. That their desires are being set aside by various influential players in the global economy is deeply shocking to them, and they are amazed that their tried-and-true tactics for squashing such insolence are unable to prevent a growing rebellion.

This inability to maintain a hitherto undisputed preeminence is spreading panic in the ranks of the cabal, as they watch many nations secretly plotting to dethrone the dark's chief instrument, the UN corporatocracy, and they are becoming truly desperate. In the 1940s, this dark ruling cadre set up a world system that is now on the point of collapse, yet it doggedly refuses to yield to new ways or new circumstances. It is this intransigence that has spurred the present series of secret meetings by others in the power elites, and these are producing a cogent strategy for drastically loosening the grip of this still-powerful corporatocracy.

The monetary troubles of the US corporate government are a major key to this strategy: over the past few years, the implausible fiscal policies of this government and its associates have brought them to this impasse as a debt of unfathomable proportions becomes due. This debt lacks any legitimate instruments to stay the inevitable, which is why recent machinations on the part of the Federal Reserve Bank have failed to produce any efficacious result.

A series of astute legal maneuvers by our Earth allies have led several small nations to seek redress of fiscal grievance for debts accrued at the hands of this invasive corporatocracy, and this adds to the legal prosecutorial portfolio being prepared by our Earth allies. A major bankruptcy and its consequences are anticipated. This lineup of sundry legal actions is to force the illegal US government from power; the world community can no longer afford to tolerate the injurious policies of this rogue regime. An about-face in global fiscal policy is now at the eleventh hour!

The pivot of this about-face is to have in place the structures to replace the numerous corporatocracies allied to the US regime. The dark and its minions have woven a complex web comprising nations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America. In anticipation of this moment of regime change, the Earth allies have spent years putting together a series of temporary governments which are ready to come on line when the definitive financial showdown kicks in. This moment is close at hand. Once the new global financial system unfolds, an equally new political system will simultaneously come into being. Decades of truly diabolical intentions have been leading up to this moment: in the beginning, the dark possessed the technology to entice the naïve to join its ranks, and by the end of World War II, a dark master plan started to manifest. By the early 1960s, a devious plot for global enslavement and depopulation was well underway and set to reach maturity by the mid-1990s.

This met a speed bump in the person of the late president, John F. Kennedy. He defied the recommendations of the advisors and family surrounding him by instituting a plan for world peace and prosperity, the first step of which was a nuclear test ban treaty. Implementing the rest of his vision revolved around his 1964 reelection. He informed us of his intention to give a speech that would include disclosure of not only the benevolent ET presence but also the many off-world technologies acquired by the US secret government. By the early fall of 1963, Kennedy and Khrushchev were in secret discussions to create a US-Soviet non-aggression pact which was to lead to massive demilitarization on both sides and an announcement of the secret technologies held by both sides. We were ready to step in as needed to encourage peace and a non-nuclear future for your world. Kennedy's assassination by the US secret government brought this to an abrupt halt.

At the time of the American President's death, we did not yet possess a first contact edict for your world, nor were we involved in discussions with the Galactic Federation's Main Council concerning this topic. Earth's society was considered immature and lacking the elements for survival, and it was not until the early 1990s that Heaven's mandates sent us to your shores. Prior to that, a series of personal missions by various star-nations, such as the Pleiades and Sirius, were underway, all of which were unable to formally recommend Earth as being ready for a first contact. Instead, they were inclined toward a continuation of limited intervention. It must be borne in mind that you are the remnants of a former Galactic Federation colony, which means that watching over you and intervening when necessary is a right bestowed on us by Heaven.

The present circumstances are greatly tempered by what President Kennedy tried to instigate. He deeply wished to bring peace to your world and to transform the ubiquitous hate and schisms into Love and global cooperation. To this end, he drew up plans to bring in a new monetary system and to create an atmosphere conducive to peace and prosperity. As you can see, these goals were in consonance with those of our Earth allies. The Earth allies arise out of ancient secret societies dedicated to the Light and gain coherence from the deep yearning of many influential individuals who are children of the major dark-minion families. All these ones are committed to bringing you a new reality. They have linked with us to further these goals, which now include the return to full consciousness.

This diverse group is close to victory. Furthermore, we have apprised them of the prevailing heavenly timetable, under the exigencies of which the Galactic Federation is bound to institute a full first contact by a certain date. Thus we are honor-bound to monitor the actions of our Earth allies and to intervene if necessary. The time comes to move your reality into full consciousness. All has been carefully prepared: crystal cities in Agartha (Inner Earth) are ready to receive you; mentors have been trained and a vast dossier kept on each of you; the mechanism for full consciousness is in place. Only the dark now stands in your way, and they are ready to fall! The moment for showing what you are capable of has arrived. Come together! Your victory awaits!

Today, we discussed the roots of your present difficulties and the events leading up to first contact. Our Earth allies are focused on carrying out what needs to be done prior to our arrival. Be confident of your abilities to do what is necessary to prepare your societies for these glorious events! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Friday, July 2, 2010

Telepathic Messages - Sheldan Nidle

Selamat Jarin! We return to talk to you about the changes happening in your world. Right now, your planet is enduring an ecological crisis brought on by an unabated dependence on fossil fuels. This dependence needs to stop, especially since you already possess the technology to transform this antiquated setup. Long ago, your society obtained a number of critical inventions based on zero-point energy. They created the foundation for an electrical system that can run your homes, offices, and factories, and power vehicles that do not need constant fueling. These inventions were sequestered by your governments and developed only in secret government projects. These technologies need to be made public as they contain the solutions to your present difficulties. Hence, we ask you to demand of your major governments that these already-existing technological solutions be released. They can solve your economic and financial woes, and revive your dying manufacturing sectors, giving a huge boost toward ending the current global financial doldrums.

What we propose is self-evident, and yet the dark cabal is set up to prevent such constructive things from happening. Clearly, the leading cause of your global dilemmas is this cabal. When the Anunnaki changed sides, their on-planet minions began an internal struggle that only recently ended. Now, the victorious, reconstituted dark group is engaged with a new foe: our Earth allies. Unlike the previous battle, this dark-versus-Light confrontation is only getting more deeply entrenched with time; no matter how much this cabal lashes out, the Earth allies simply will not knuckle under. Far from it! In fact, the dark sees itself besieged on all sides either by events of its own making or by circumstances forged by the diligence of our Earth allies. The hubris of the dark renders it incapable of perceiving what is happening to it and this ultimately will be its downfall. The timeframe for this defeat is not far off as the dark's empire is hanging by a thread. The Federal Reserve is bankrupt and the European allies of this once formidable juggernaut are not far behind. The system is collapsing internally, and soon this will become all too public.

The collapse of the dark empire is mirrored by the quickening disintegration of Mother Earth's ecosystem. The rate of extinctions is such that the biodiversity of the planet is severely threatened, indicating that the reality surrounding you is ready for an immense shift. Your present system is at a point where its demise is to be assured. It is vital that you realize this and prepare yourselves for the coming changes. Heaven has singled out this world for a truly monumental sweep of the broom. We are part of this operation and can see just how close you are to this dramatic transformation in your affairs. Take note of what we are telling you. Your reality has reached the point of change, after which your new governments are to welcome us openly. We intend at that time to make ourselves fully known to you. Much is to be done immediately by us as your planet is in dire need of a series of special "boosts." This will sustain her and give your society time to transition to a galactic one, your shiny new dawn!

Currently, a number of moves are underway. First, the cabal has convened several international financial conferences to discuss what can be done about the immensity of the global financial crisis. These conferences have either failed or are doomed to. Second, the dark has had its mainstream media convince many that the economic problems are merely a "deep recession" and that you are close to turning this around. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the dark has no idea how to wriggle its way out of this. For their part, our Earth allies are quite close to toppling the monster core of this disaster: the US Federal Reserve "Bank." This illegal behemoth is bankrupt and swiftly running out of schemes by which to keep afloat; hence, its total collapse is imminent. The Bank of England and its partners-in-crime in "the City" are likewise about to go belly up. Similarly, many other allied banks are ready to succumb to a massive extinction.

This crash is exactly what our Earth allies are aiming for. When the financial meltdown gets to its lowest point, the great changes are to roll out. To counter the fallout, the Earth allies have set up a number of contingency plans whose purpose is to get you through the disintegration phase as easily as possible. Remember that the American corporate regime is tied heavily into the destiny of this dying economic system. As this system fails, so too does the US regime. Our Earth allies are standing by with a replacement for this government and for the failed economic system. The new de jure US regime is to be temporary, and after six to eight months is to give way gladly to a reconstituted and constitutionally sound government founded on common law and the real US Constitution. In accordance with this, the real 13th Amendment is to be added, and the illegal 14th and 16th Amendments are to be expunged.

This scale of change would normally take around a century to reach critical mass. It is interesting to note how your global communications can so quickly alter this well-tested time span, making the present different from all previous times in your recent history. Two factors combine to produce an unprecedented potential that was not possible until now: the Internet and the mobile phone. Together, these two forge an immense network that instantly sends ideas and information around the globe. The number of mobiles is at a record high and growing, and what is needed is for you to put simple yet forceful messages together and march electronically upon the old political order. Use these new communication domains to start an electronic stampede to put your demands in the faces of your elected officials. Increase your messages tenfold! Keep up the pressure.

While this is going on, our Earth allies can complete numerous governmental and financial shifts. A new era can then be born. As part of this enormous operation, we are to be announced by these interim governments as a beneficial and vital component of what needs to be done. We have mentioned to you before how this is to play out. First, our Earth allies know that this transition comes as a shock to most of you. The various benefits, such as debt forgiveness, tax rebates, and large monetary gifting can allay the worries of most. Second, the advent of peace, increased global cooperation, and the return of troops to their loved ones can bring on board many, many more. These initial steps are to demonstrate to all that there is no reason to be worried about what is happening. The next step is the new financial system.

The change to precious-metals-based currencies is at the heart of the new system which reflects the new realities of the post-Cold War world. Nations have reunited, trade between regions has increased, and wealth expanded in different directions. These changes could not be made fully known until the Federal Reserve collapsed as this effectively puts an end to the Dumbarton Oaks agreements. A new system can then be implemented and the new governments are to put the process into overdrive. In America this is to be done in unison with the reintroduction of common and Constitutional law. At present, America possesses a justice system more intent on incarceration that in giving the accused a truly fair trial. The new justice system will end all that.

Today, we supplied you with more details of coming events. We also asked you to become more active in solving the problems of the day. Your world needs individuals who are ready to empower themselves and assist in speeding up the changes so necessary for your world.


Friday, June 25, 2010

2012: Tibetan Monks See the Future

Remote viewing is nothing new in Tibetan monasteries. For thousands of years remote viewing in the middle of other spiritual activities have dominated Tibetan culture. What some Indian tourists came to learn from a few Tibetan monasteries under the current Chinese rule is extremely alarming and fascinating.

According to these tourists remote viewers are seeing world powers in the course of self-destruction. They also see that the world will not be destroyed. Between now and 2012 the world super powers will continue to engage in regional wars. Terrorism and covert war will be the main problem. In world politics something will happen in and around 2010. At that time the world powers will threaten to destroy each other.

Between 2010 and 2012, the whole world will get polarized and prepare for the ultimate dooms day. Heavy political maneuvers and negotiations will take place with little progress.

In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war.

And at that time something remarkable will happen, says a Buddhist monk of Tibet. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time.

Scientific interpretation of the monks’ statements makes it evident that the Extra Terrestrial powers are watching us every step of the way. They will intervene in 2012 and save the world from self-destruction.

When asked about recent UFO sightings in India and China, the monks smiled and said the divine powers are watching us all. Mankind cannot and will not be allowed to alter the future to that great extent.

Every human being though their current acts in life called "Karma" can alter the future lives to some extent, but changing the destiny in that large extent will not be allowed to that great an extent.

Monks also mentioned that beyond 2012 our current civilization would understand that the final frontier of science and technology is in area of spirituality and not material physics and chemistry.

Beyond 2012, out technologies will take a different direction. People will learn the essence of spirituality, the relation between body and the soul, the reincarnation and the fact we are connected with each other are all part of "God".

In India and China UFO sightings have increased in many folds. Many say the Chinese and Indian Governments are being contacted by the Extra Terrestrials.
In recent days most UFO activities have been seen in those countries who have indigenously developed Nuke capabilities.

When asked if these extra-terrestrials will show up in reality in 2012, the answers remote viewers are giving is: they will reveal themselves in such a way that none of us scared. They will reveal themselves only if they have to. As our science and technology progresses, we are destined to see them and interact with them any way.

According to the remote viewers, our earth is blessed and is being saved continuously from all kinds of hazards all the time that we are not even aware of. As our technologies progress we will realize how external forces saved us.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Message from Matthew - all volatile, oppressive and heartrending situations have higher purpose within the context of Earth's ascension.

This is Matthew, here with loving greetings from all souls at this

station and to say that we weep with you about recent occurrences that
are evoking grief, fear, anger and grave concerns about what is
happening in your world. We understand the purpose of it all and can see
the forthcoming greatness, but in the interconnectedness of all souls,
we feel your emotions of deep sadness, discouragement and pessimism.
That is why we have come at this time.

The Israeli attack on a ship with persons whose purpose is humanitarian;
other instances of unprovoked violence; renewed saber-rattling between
the two Korean nations; little if any progress to stabilize Iraq or end
the fighting in Afghanistan; fear about what will ensue if Iran develops
nuclear weapons and what is fomenting in Pakistan; increasing instances
of weather anomalies and seismic events; the continued gushing forth of
oil in the Gulf of Mexico; economic collapse spreading throughout
Europe; governments in chaos — all are indeed lamentable and with
dire potential from your world's perspective.

It is difficult even for the most stout-hearted lightworkers to view
those situations and all others that are causing widespread suffering as
anything other than the personal and national tragedies they are for
the peoples who are directly affected. Compassion is a natural
sentiment of lighted souls, and along with prayers and physical and
financial assistance where possible, compassion's high vibrations are
helping to uplift those who are suffering. Outrage and assigning blame
for atrocities and deliberate hardships also are natural reactions of a
concerned populace, and we shall speak more about this a bit later.

It would be a disservice to tell you that all divisive matters will be
happily resolved without any serious consequences because there will be
some, but not of the severity that many minds are imagining. What we
offer in this short message to lighten heavy hearts about all volatile,
oppressive and heartrending situations is their higher purpose within
the context of Earth's ascension.

In our last message we stated that there is not much time left for
everything that must be — and shall be! — completed before Earth
reaches the universal "window" to exit third density, and that the
tenacity of the dark minds and hearts has altered the Golden Age master
plan. It originally called for a gradual emergence of truths and
resultant changes, but in the current energy streams, the clearing away
of the last vestiges of darkness is coming thick and fast, and
longstanding conflicts between individuals, groups and countries have
to peak within a comparatively short interval. With linear time
"disappearing" in the vibratory planes the planet has reached,
everything in your world is accelerating not just day by day, but
minute by minute.

The prevailing vibrations, which are magnifying positive and negative
feelings and behaviors, are transmuting negativity into the light that
is propelling your planet out of darkness and into the light — that
is what ascension is for any soul. In a transformation of that
magnitude, death, destruction and despair are inevitable as the
energies of greed, ruthlessness and power-lust that ravaged Earth and
her residents for millennia are running the final stages of their
course, and darkness is lashing out furiously in its fear of losing
what little remains of its one-time global control. Because of our love
for all souls, we wish the transitional process did not have to be
tumultuous; however, it can be no other way in the last stages of a
civilization's harsh, yet determined struggle to raise itself out of
deep third density and evolve into fourth.

Accomplishing that is exactly why you are where you are. Of the many
souls who wanted to be part of this unprecedented era not only on the
planet, but in the universe, you are among those chosen because you have
the ancient wisdom, spiritual strength and innate capabilities to bring
about profound changes. Do not doubt your powerful selves for even an

Take heart in knowing that there are far, far more light-filled peoples
in your world than dark, and at soul level they are eager to play their
roles along Earth's pathway out of violence, turmoil, deceit and
corruption. At conscious level, however, relatively few of them know
what you do — that all of you are gods and goddesses with unlimited
potential to manifest whatever you intently focus on.

And as strange as this may seem, the lack of that knowledge will, after
all, be a fine contribution to ushering in Earth's Golden Age. Without
knowing of their true Beginnings or anything about a Golden Age — or
about the decades of assistance from other civilizations or that
extraterrestrials are living among you or that many others will join you
fairly soon to assist in new ways — those unaware souls are rising
to the challenge of healing Earth and preserving it for future
generations. They are directing the energy of "outrage and blame" into
initiating changes which, although not realized, at this very moment
are co-creating a world of harmonious coexistence of all humanity and
Nature on Earth and with souls in worlds beyond. You could say that
the grassroots movement that has been growing around the globe now also
is soaring toward the heavens as you prepare to take your rightful
place in our universal family.

Not everyone can be at the forefront of developing new or implementing
long-suppressed technologies or be leaders in other avenues of reform,
and there is no need for all to be in such positions. Simply BEing the
light you are will strengthen and help persons nearby recognize their
own light, and the increasing emanations will keep flowing out
exponentially. By remembering that light and love are the same energy,
simply expressed differently, and as the pure essence of Creator is the
most powerful energy in the cosmos, you can see how LOVE is the key to
leaving chaos and moving into rejoicing.

The vast changes in your world, already completed in the continuum, will
come about swiftly even by your linear time calculations. This period
of transition into the Golden Age for all who stay steadfast in the
light is its own two-fold reward, so to say — joy in helping to
emancipate Earth from the deep tentacles of darkness and leaps in soul
growth from participating in this mammoth, magnificent undertaking.

Our beloved brothers and sisters, keep envisioning the world you want
and know that you are co-creating it with every thought and deed.
Countless numbers of light beings in spirit and physical worlds are
accompanying you all along your triumphant journey.

With the infinite love and blessings of the universe, we bid you
farewell for this moment.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Telepathic Messages - Mike Quinsey, 2 Jun 2010

You have more violent happenings occurring on Earth, and we ask is there ever a day when peace reigns. Man is still strongly influenced by his warrior image that he has carried with him for eons of time. When will you learn that your warlike ways are so futile and gain you no advantage in the long run? If only for karmic reasons each victory you claim carries consequences that travel with you for many lives.

History shows that you have assumed might is right, and you use it to trample over those that get in the way of your ambitions. The old ways leave us feeling despair, but there is a rising movement amongst the people that has had enough of them. It arises from the desire for peace amongst all people, and it is growing stronger each day. It cannot continue to be ignored and those in power that do, will find themselves moved out of office. We place our energies with the peacemakers, and it shall be seen to bring success.

Governmental changes are close to taking place, and with them will come those dear souls who have bided their time for such an occasion. You know some of them very well, and they will spearhead the moves towards creating world peace. Differences of opinion will be settled amicably and fairly, and with the return of your rights no one will be wrongly treated or imprisoned. A breath of fresh air will sweep through the halls of power, and those harboring dark intentions will be replaced. When the people realize what is taking place they will stand alongside those souls who have put themselves forward. By so doing there will be an acceptance that the old ways must be relinquished, for peaceful co-operation between all countries. You are one family on Earth, and the time has arrived to put aside all that has created separation between you all.

Nothing can be more pleasing for us than to see Man waking up to his divinity, and realizing his Oneness with all life. When Man wakes up to his full responsibilities to each other, the world will be quickly transformed. The Light will grow even stronger, and the last remnants of the plan for your enslavement will disappear for good. Freedom is not something you have fully experienced yet, but it will come before the end time comes upon you. Meantime we ask you to continue strengthening your vision of peace on Earth, and you will help speed up the changes. Remember that you have immense untapped power within, and you can have more influence on the future than you imagine. There is of course a plan that will ensure a victorious ending for the Light, but you can affect it through your collective energy.

In the space of ten years you have had so many experiences that have sent you through the highs and lows. Yet you have come out of them with a positive vision of your immediate future, and not totally conceded your sovereign rights to the dark Ones. They are to be returned to you along with everything that is necessary to restore you to your rightful position on Earth. You are its guardians and Mother Earth also looks to you to help restore her to the pristine condition that she once held. There will be changes necessary to remove the blight upon the Earth, and much cleansing will take place. When the cycle began millennia of time ago, she was truly a beautiful star within your Solar System, literally a jewel in the firmament. Be assured that regardless of the present state of Earth, she will soon be restored. Her hand will shake the rudder of the ship you call Earth, but you shall be protected as far as possible.

You are experiencing what will be one of the biggest oil spillages in your short history. You wonder why in view of its threat to the Gulf of Mexico we do not step in, but if we did not let you see the result of your actions it would only be repeated again. It seems a strange response to you when you know that we have the technology to deal with it quickly, but it would still be interference without us receiving an official request to do so. Man only seems to learn when matters become serious, and our intervention would not really help the right decisions to be made. We want to see you take responsibility for your wanton damage to Mother Earth, and take steps to ensure it cannot happen again. Yes, you are getting better at clearing up your mess, but far away from the ideal guardianship required.

When you consider your ancient history, you will realize that it is normal for dramatic changes to occur when a solar cycle ends. Both Lemuria and Atlantis disappeared almost without trace, in each case allowing a new civilization to emerge from the remains. This time is similar except that you are not going to experience your demise. Instead you are ascending as your mission will have been fulfilled, and duality can be put behind you. Whatever memories you have of the old Earth will fade into the background when you awaken to the new one. It will be perfect for new Man, and a most exhilarating and joyous experience where all is built upon the energy of love.

Your remaining time on Earth will bridge the gap between where you are now, and would have been but for the actions of the Illuminati. It is why the changes will go ahead, even though some question why when it is such a short period of time to Ascension. It is because there is a greater chance that more souls will see the Light, when the stress and problems that now exist are removed. When you are relaxed you are more receptive to the incoming energies, and they will expand your consciousness levels.

After all, the main objective of all that is happening is to get you prepared for Ascension, and everything will be done to help you. The Creator desires that all souls make their way back to the Source, and creation has set up a path before you that will attract your attention. You cannot really stand still even if you wanted to, and if you stepped backwards the impetus to evolve would take you forward again. All experience is of value, and that is why in duality you will all have had your share of lives in both the dark and Light.

I am SaLuSa and see your beautiful Earth becoming brighter than ever, as the Light is growing with each soul that accepts it. You become the beacons of Light that others are attracted to and follow, and you are leading the way home. Bless you for your dedication to the Love and Light that you all are, and may your path be lead you to the happiness you seek.

~Thank you, Mike Quinsey~


Saturday, May 15, 2010

At last -- an eye opening video that revealed that the golden age is not merely a myth or superstition...A MUST SEE

the long-awaited sequel to 2012 Enigma (#1 on Google, December 1, 2008) is finally here! Watch it for FREE right now!

Section 1:


In this heavily-anticipated sequel to 2012 Enigma, (#1 Most Viewed on Google, 12/1/08), David Wilcock presents a compelling case that the prophecies of a Golden Age are not myth or superstition.

Our DNA has been evolving 100 times more rapidly in the last 5000 years due to a natural galactic process, which is also creating climate change throughout our entire solar system. If the prophecies are correct, psychic abilities and powers such as telekinesis, levitation, spiritual healing and telepathy may soon become as common as breathing.

The Mayan Calendar, the Timeline in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the story of Jesus Christ in the Bible and many other ancient mystery schools and spiritual teachings all speak of a great tribulation that transforms Earth into a Utopian Age. Many misunderstand these prophecies as predicting pole shift, asteroid collisions, supervolcano eruptions or Armageddon thanks to Planet X, alien invasion, Illuminati/government takeover, or a solar event.

Russian physics reveals that anti-gravity, free energy and time travel technology arise from a Source Field that is the energy of Mind, Spirit and Consciousness. Life emerges from nonliving material by Intelligent Design and evolution occurs in sudden bursts that repeat in 26 and 62 million year cycles, apparently the result of energy waves gradually rippling out from the center of the galaxy and transforming our DNA.

For at least 1200 years, crop circles have presented symbolic messages of DNA transformation and even Ascension on or around December 21, 2012. Easter Island, Stonehenge and some 4000 ancient sites are built on a Global Grid of energy that creates portals in space and time, such as the Bermuda Triangle. Rapture may indeed occur, but in a very different way than most believe.

Project Camelot whistleblowers reveal that extraterrestrials look human like us and may even be time travelers from our future! Edgar Cayce and the Law of One reveal we have a Higher Self leading us through reincarnation and Graduation.

For further understanding, here's the complete links to David Wilcox, the author's official YouTube channel...

Section 2:

Section 3:

Section 4:

Official Divine Cosmos YouTube Channel:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Types of lifeforms and civilizations in higher dimension

Semesta raya yang dikenal dengan istilah multiverse, karena terdiri dari banyak semesta sebenarnya penuh sesak oleh berbagai bentuk kehidupan dan peradaban yang sebagian besarnya berada diluar rentangan persepsi panca indera manusia, sehingga tentu saja tersembunyi dari pengamatan dan pengetahuan manusia.

Demikian tidak terbatasnya tipe atau jenis bentuk-bentuk kehidupan, sehingga kita perlu memberikan batasan pembahasan guna mempermudah kita menangkap esensi dari keagungan kosmos, untuk itu kita akan menyederhanakan pengelompokkan bentuk kehidupan di semesta hanya kepada bentuk kehidupan yang sudah mencapai taraf kecerdasan tertentu yang memungkinkan terbentuknya semacam peradaban, sesederhana apapun bentuknya.

Walau semesta raya ini dipenuhi kehidupan yang berlimpah namun tidak seluruh kehidupan yang mampu membentuk peradaban berada dalam tahap evolusi yang sama, karena itulah kita mendapatkan jenis-jenis peradaban di semesta raya ini sebagai berikut:

Tipe-0 – Peradaban sederhana (unsophisticated)
Tipe-I – Peradaban Planet (planetary)
Tipe-II – Peradaban Tata Surya (inter-solar)
Tipe-III – Peradaban Galaksi (intergalactic)
Tipe-IV – Peradaban Hyperspace (hyperspace)
Tipe-V – Peradaban Paripurna (Indestructible in chilled universe below hyperspace)

Peradaban tipe-0 atau peradaban sederhana, tersebar melimpah ruah di semesta raya, ratusan ribu peradaban tipe-0 memadati semesta dan berevolusi dengan cara yang sangat sederhana, sangat mentah sehingga tidak mampu melindungi dirinya sendiri dari bencana kosmik dan secara buas saling berperang diantara mereka sendiri, itulah sebabnya jarang peradaban tipe ini mampu berevolusi menjadi peradaban tipe-1. Karenanya peradaban yang lebih tinggi evolusinya jarang sekali yang tertarik dengan peradaban tipe ini, karena terdapat banyak sekali peradaban yang serupa untuk dapat diamati seluruhnya.

Peradapan tipe-1 adalah peradaban level planet. Mereka, para penghuni planet membentuk satu bangsa, suatu bentuk kesatuan dari seluruh peradaban yang eksis di muka planet tersebut. Dengan begitu mereka dapat mempergunakan dan mengolah energy surya yang diterima oleh planet mereka, dan dapat mengoptimalkan seluruh sumber daya yang dimiliki planet tersebut guna kepentingan mereka bersama. Secara bersama-sama merekapun dapat mempertahankan diri dari bencana alam yang berasal dari planet mereka sendiri seperti gempa bumi, letusan gunung berapi, tumbukan asteroid, dan lain-lain.

Peradaban tipe-2 berevolusi lebih maju dari tipe sebelumnya, tidak saja mereka mampu mengolah dan memakmurkan planet mereka, namun juga mampu membuat koloni di planet lainnya dalam tata surya mereka. Mereka dapat bepergian dengan mudah dari satu planet ke planet lain, dan mereka juga dapat mengolah dan memanfaatkan seluruh tingkatan energy dari bintang yang merupakan matahari dari tata surya mereka. Mereka inilah yang dikontak dan dikunjungi oleh peradaban tipe-III dan tipe-IV untuk menjalin hubungan “diplomatic”, dan karenanya mereka dapat melakukan lompatan quantum dalam hal kemajuan teknologi dan ilmu pengetahuan berkat hubungan diplomatik mereka tersebut.

Peradaban tipe-III adalah peradaban antar galaksi. Mereka dapat memanfaatkan dan mengolah energy dalam jumlah yang luar biasa besar. Mereka dapat bepergian dengan sangat mudah dari satu galaksi ke galaksi lainnya dengan kecepatan yang jauh lebih tinggi dari kecepatan cahaya, kecepatan yang mampu menempuh jarak puluhan ribu tahun cahaya dalam sekejap. Tidak hanya itu mereka bahkan mampu membengkokkan dan memanipulasi ruang dan waktu, sehingga membuat perjalan skala kosmos menjadi sangat cepat dan mudah.

Mereka mengetahui dengan baik bahwa setiap semesta berada dalam lautan super-semesta, atau multiverse, yang dikenal oleh para ilmuwan dengan sebutan hyperspace. Seluruh semesta ibaratnya seperti sebuah gelembung di lautan luas hyperspace, dan seperti halnya gelembung di lautan yang akan pecah dan hancur pada suatu waktu, setiap semesta pada waktunya masing-masing akan mengalami kehancuran dan musnah.

Peradaban tipe-III kemudian secara logis berusaha untuk menembus ruang dan waktu dimensional mereka dalam upaya untuk membebaskan diri dari keberadaan semesta mereka yang tidak abadi. Dalam perkembangan usaha mereka yang tidak kenal lelah tersebut mereka akhirnya mampu membuat akselerator partikel antar galaksi yang mampu menghasilkan sejumlah energy yang sangat, sangat, luar biasa besar. Mereka mencoba dan membuat lubang cacing atau wormholes yang mampu menembus lapisan dimensi keberadaan semesta mereka hingga ke hypserspace, dan mereka kemudian berusaha merelokasi peradaban mereka ke dalam hyperspace.

Peradaban tipe-IV merupakan penghuni dan inhabitan dari hyperspace, namun mengkolonisasi semesta-semesta lainya yang berbeda-beda. Merekan telah membentuk suatu bentuk kehidupan dengan kesadaran terintegrasi. Mereka menyemai benih dan merawat peradaban tipe-o yang mempunyai potensi untuk menjadi peradaban tipe-III atau tipe-IV. Proses daur ulang dari modul energy titik nol mampu menghasilkan energy yang memungkinkan peradaban tipe-IV mencapai suatu tingkat kesadaran terintegrasi yang lebih tinggi lagi yang merupakan bentuk kehidupan yang paripurna.

Hyperspace yang merupakan super-semesta, induk semesta dari seluruh semesta yang ada bukanlah sumber keberadaan segala sesuatu. Jika hypserpace adalah lautan super-semesta dimana seluruh semesta “mengapung” didalamnya, maka yang menjadi landasan atau “daratan” bagi lautan super-semesta dapat eksis adalah semesta besar dingin beku yang tak terhancurkan.

Sementara hyperspace adalah bentuk keberadaan kuantum hampa (quantum vacuum), semesta dingin bekau adalah suatu bentuk keberadaan yang tak terbatas secara spectrum dari bentuk kesadaran terintegrasi, dimana ruang, waktu, energy bahkan kuantum hampa terjalin, terpadu dan melebur menjadi satu bentuk keadaan dan kondisi abadi tak terhancurkan yang tidak dapat terpikir, atau ditangkap akal dan ilmu pengetahuan bumi saat ini, pendek kata berada diluar nalar manusia yang paling cemerlang sekalipun.

Peradaban tipe-V eksis di semesta dingin beku, merekalah bentuk peradaban paripurna, mereka lebur dan menyatu ke dalam semesta dingin beku yang merupakan sumber keberadaan dan pengendali segala sesuatunya, suatu bentuk keadaaan yang sama sekali tak terperi bagi akal dan ilmu pengetahuan manusia.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life forms in higher dimensions...

Kita telah tahu bahwa eksistensi semesta ternyata jauh lebih besar dari yang dapat kita persepsikan atau bayangkan. Ternyata bukan hanya semesta fisikal kasat mata yang ada diluar sana, melainkan juga semesta-semesta paralel tak terhitung jumlahnya,dimensi keberadaan tinggi hyperspace hingga semesta dingin besar yang diam, kesemuanya sampai saat ini masih merupakan hal yang berada diluar jangkauan pengetahuan umum manusia.

Tapi para pemikir-pemikir paling cemerlang yang merupakan pelopor dari dunia kuantum, telah berhasil melakukan identifikasi akan keberadaan berbagai semesta dengan dimensi yang berbeda dari yang kita kenal, termasuk dengan bentuk kehidupan yang ada didalamnya.

Menurut mereka bentuk kehidupan di dimensi tinggi, juga merupakan bentuk kehidupan tinggi yang sama sekali berbeda dengan yang ada di dimensi kita. Sebagai contoh, gelombang elektromagnetik tidak mempunyai pengaruh sama sekali terhadap bentuk kehidupan tinggi ini. Satu-satunya hal yang menghubungkan semesta fisikal kita dengan dimensi tinggi adalah gelombang energy gravitasi. Bentuk kehidupan tinggi di dimensi-dimensi yang lebih tinggi dari dimensi kita, dapat dipengaruhi oleh gaya gravitasi sebagaimana bentuk kehidupan disemesta fisikal juga merasakan pengaruh gaya gravitasi dalam kehidupannya.

Di semesta tinggi, segala sesuatunya termasuk partikel semu sekalipun dapat “hidup”. Segala sesuatunya mempunyai bentuk kesadaran dengan tingkat inteligensia yang tinggi, bahkan menurut mereka lagi, sejatinya yang layak disebut “hidup” adalah kehidupan yang eksis di semesta dimensi tinggi tersebut, apa yang kita persepsikan di semesta fisikal hanyalah proyeksi 3-dimensi dari kehidupan sejati dalam semesta fisikal yang juga ilusif.

Bentuk kehidupan tinggi terlepas dari batasan ruang dan waktu, artinya bentuk kehidupan ini mampu memproyeksikan imaji eksistensinya secara holographic di semesta fisikal dan dengan begitu meletakkan dan membiarkan proyeksinya tersebut berada dan terhanyut bersama laju alami dari sang waktu di semesta fisikal.

Konsep super string yang merupakan kandidat terkuat untuk menjadi “Teori akan segala sesuatu” karena mampu memberikan penjelasan dan menyatukan hukum gravitasi yang mengatur segala bentuk interaksi semua objek ditataran makro seperti planet dan bintang dengan hukum mekanika kuantum yang mengatur segala bentuk interaksi semua objek ditataran mikro seperti atom, molekul dan kuantum, sekarang ini telah memberikan petunjuk bahwa bentuk kehidupan tinggi di semesta berdimensi lebih tinggi dapat dijustifikasi secara teoritis.

Pikiran kita sejatinya beroperasi di tataran tinggi. Proyeksi mental, regresi, dan komunikasi antar pikiran terjadi di tataran dimensi tinggi, bahkan mimpi-mimpi kita adalah realitas di dimensi tinggi, hal ini telah memberikan petunjuk bagi para ilmuwan seperti apa bentuk kehidupan yang eksis di dimensi tinggi tersebut.

Satu hal yang pasti, kuantum vakum di hyperspace adalah dimensi tinggi terdekat dengan semesta fisikal, semua bentuk kehidupan pada esensinya adalah modul energy titik nol di kuantum vakum, namun masih ada lagi tingkatan dimensi dimana bahkan gelombang kuantum pun juga akan musnah eksistensinya, dan keseluruhan dimensi-dimensi tersebut dipenuhi oleh bentuk kehidupan secara berlimpah ruah.

Seperti apakah jenis dan bentuk kehidupan di dimensi tinggi tersebut ? itu adalah pertanyaan yang menarik untuk dijelajahi lebih lanjut, walau dimensi dimana bentuk kehidupan yang ada didalamnya adalah sesuatu yang saat ini sama sekali diluar jangkauan persepsi dan imaginasi manusia, kita akan coba melihatnya di kesempatan berikutnya.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Apa yang menaikkan tingkat energi sang hidup dalam perjalanan daur ulangnya di semesta fisikal?

Dalam interaksinya dengan semesta fisikal disekitarnya, proyeksi fisikal dari sang hidup (ZPEM) di semesta fisikal sedikit demi sedikit akan mengalami kenaikan tingkat energi yang artinya secara langsung juga akan menaikkan tingkat energi dari sang hidup di keberadaan sejatinya di hyperspace, pertanyaannya hal apa yang meningkatkan energi dari proyeksi sang hidup di semesta fisikal ini?

Mekanisme yang menjadi “aturan main” dalam proses tersebut sederhana saja, karena kita sudah tahu bahwa segala sesuatunya hakikatnya adalah energi dalam berbagai bentuk dan intensitasnya, maka sebenarnya semesta itu tersusun dalam suatu gradasi tingkat intensitas energi dengan bentuknya masing-masing.

Semesta fisikal merupakan ranah dengan intensitas atau tingkat energi paling rendah, dimana di tataran ini atom-atom yang merupakan manifestasi energi murni bergerak cukup lambat untuk dapat dipersepsikan sebagai suatu bentuk yang pejal atau padat yang kita sebut sebagai materi, atau dengan kata lain sesungguhnya materi yang kita kenal tidak lain adalah energi yang “beku”.

Karenanya makhluk hidup di semesta fisikal hakikatnya adalah proyeksi eksistensi dari ZPEM dalam versi yang lebih rendah tingkat energinya, tujuannya jelas agar mampu secara sempurna berinteraksi dengan lingkungan semesta fisikal disekitarnya.
Ketika kita makin melekat kepada bentuk-bentuk materialisme dari semesta fisikal atau yang sering disebut dengan mengalami kemelekatan yang sangat besar kepada hal-hal yang bersifat duniawi, maka tingkat energi kita akan makin rendah dan makin rendah berbanding lurus dengan seberapa besar derajat kemelekatan kita dengan segala sesuatu yang menjadi bagian dari rentang energi materialisme atau keduniawian.

Sebaliknya, ketika kita mampu melepaskan kemelekatan akan segala sesuatu yang bersifat fisikal atau materi, termasuk kemelekatan atau kecintaan kepada diri kita sendiri, maka secara berbanding lurus pula dengan seberapa besar derajat pelepasan diri kita dari sifat-sifat kebendaan dan menumbuhkan sifat-sifat mulia dalam diri kita, maka tingkat energi kita akan menjadi semakin tinggi.

Menariknya apa yang terungkap diranah fisika kuantum ternyata mempunyai kesesuaian dengan apa yang diajarkan di ranah spiritual, bahwa ketika manusia terlena dan terseret oleh daya tarik dunia maka ia akan jatuh derajatnya menjadi seperti penghuni dunia lainnya yaitu binatang, bahkan lebih rendah lagi, dan ketika manusia mampu melepaskan diri dari daya tarik dunia, maka ia akan seperti burung yang terlepas beban dari punggungnya, ia akan mampu terbang tinggi hingga menembus langit, derajatnya akan naik ke tingkat yang mulia dan berkumpul dengan para penghuni langit, bahkan lebih mulia lagi.

Tentu saja keseluruhan proses ini tidak semudah yang terlihat karena hasil proyeksi sang hidup (ZPEM) di semesta fisikal tidak mengingat apapun dari masa lalunya, dan harus menghadapi kompleksnya kehidupan dunia yang bergerak sangat cepat dan dinamis, dengan kondisi itulah proyeksi sang hidup diuji seberapa jauh ia dapat melepaskan diri dari jeratan kebendaan, dimana dari interaksi itulah nantinya ZPEM akan mendapatkan energi yang dibutuhkan untuk dapat menembus tingkat energi dari semesta dingin besar.


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